Choque Cultural (Cultural Shock) is a brazilian street art gallery.

I´m not sure if that´s how I should describe them, or even if there´s a way to do it, so I quote them:

People say that Choque is an alternative art gallery, underground, a Street or Urban Art gallery, or even, a young contemporary art gallery. Actually, we have heard a lot of other descriptions about us, but none of them is really good to explain what we are. And we think that it makes sense because we are not following other gallery´s models, we are walking our own way to do what we believe in.

Among all the bralizian talents, I´ve selected Rafael Silveira´s work to share here with you.

Rafael plays the trumpet and had a band called Los Diaños. He also had some of his work published on the book “Classical Oil Painting”.

To see more of his, and other artists, works take a look at Choque Cultural website.


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