301 thoughts on “Nerds in Love

  1. Even though I’d consider myself kinda jaded, this was heartwarming. It only inspired a slight twinge of yuck in the pit of my stomach.


    But mostly, it was just sweet. Nice work — I hope you never forget how you feel at this moment in your life!

  2. when nerds get married and have a baby and the baby does do do the nerds say: “who’s gonna fetch the twinkie…” bet you didn’t know that…I’ve been to meetings…that’s how I know…my life could be in jeopardy now…all that extra-physical knowledge…scary!!! But nerds are great…don’t get me wrong…I get a charge out of them and now I know why it’s so hard to disengage from them in conversation even when you know that you don’t know anything but they pretend to not notice and keep throwing equations at you…I had an erector set once though…if I still had it it would be dysfunctional by now anyway…one of the few facts about chemistry that I think I know is that salt + wounds + stingy sensations that are not always completely unpleasureable…oh…sorry! Have I gone on too long? Do you have any diet soda?

  3. I really like the simplistic graphics. These are just so cute, but at the same time so sophisticated in design. I think my favorite’s got to be “You melt my solid inner core.” ❀

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  5. This was a real pleasure to see – but not as much as it was a pleasure to simply think about. What I mean by that is, the work is fantastic, but even more thrilling is the fact that it even exists, which is a testament to a true comprehension of culture and self. I say this because the images and messages really struck a chord with me on several levels. Your creativity has opened up yet another door to a universe full of endless ways to communicate with one another. You’ve definitely made a statement to me here. For that, I sincerely thank you. Keep up the great work. Peace!

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  7. Nicole, your work is fantastic. Last night I sat and sketched by hand an image of a Twitter bird with big hunky muscles. I think I had forgotten how it felt to actually hold a colored pencil in my hand with all the CG stuff available. It actually felt pretty good for a while until the hands started to cramp up. I guess with us it is a matter of choosing finger cramps or carpel tunnel huh? Great job Nicole keep up the work. If by chance you would like to see my sketch it is right here

  8. OMG I LOVE this!!! Do these come in tank tops?!!!!!! Fantastic! You have these made up as t-shirts and send them to the wardrobe mistresses of the Big Bang Theory!
    Congrats to the lucky lady these were created for.

  9. Too cute!
    I liked the fogged spectacles.
    That happened to me once….with my nerdy ex….both our spectacles were fogged. XD


  10. OH MY GODDDD I LOVEEE THIS! HAHHAHA “i think i lava you” and “you melt my solid inner core” are the best xD
    and i would totally get these all if they were tshirts…xD <333333 sooo CUTEE!! ahhh
    LOL the nerd inside me is screaming

  11. Love it, love it, love it! Especially “You melt my solid inner core.” Such a clever blog post! Where did you get all these pictures?! Great job!

    If it is okay with you, I would like to mention my own blog that I just started and share the link with your readers. It’s called Logic Meets Reason and it would be great if you and your readers could comment, subscribe, and take a look at the pieces I have posted! Here is the link: http://www.logicmeetsreason.wordpress.com.

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  13. I would totally geek out my wife if I shared any of these with her. Very nicely executed. These are all very clever, cute, and well thought out. Are you planning on revisiting this theme?

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  20. This just made my day. Always gotta laugh reading these out loud in class.. and seeing the robot one “you turn me on”. let’s hope I didn’t read it very loud…

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